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Global Rally Cross @ XGames

2 Jul

I always look forward to the Rally Cross segment of the annual X Games carnival. Especially the last two years as the format and organization of the Rally Cross racing has improved dramatically. I love the downtown setting of the racing, and truly wish that more of the GRC events could be held in such locations.

I was hoping that this year’s X Games stop would be more of a departure from the first two GRC events of the year (lacking dirt, too-tight of a race course, wanting of racing excitement, etc.)  Sure, there were dirt sections, a small dirt bump as well. I think it would have been great to see 50% of the total length of the course be dirt/gravel. The loose, low-traction surface would have provided some VERY interesting racing action.

I was bummed to see they turned the gap jump into a table-top jump, but I completely understand GRC management chose to do it. As a race event organizer for the better part of a decade, I’ve been in similar situations where the absolute priority of driver safety took precedent over “excitement” or cool factor.

I was stoked to see Sebastian Loeb racing in the event, my wife and I have been HUGE fans of his for many years. I think the fact that GRC was able to lure the 8-time WRC Champion to this event speaks volumes for the series and the fledgling sport here in the United States. It should be quite interesting to see how ESPN and GRC are successful or not as they both go global with their brands and events in 2013. I wonder how many of the U.S. based GRC teams have the budgets to attend all or most of the global X Games/GRC rounds…..?

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the GRC management will be able to address my biggest criticisms so far this year over the remaining 2012 events (lack of gravel sections, courses too tight, lack of passing, first guy to turn 1 at the start of the race wins the race, etc.). But who am I and what does my opinion matter….?   😉