Global RallyCross Secures New Investment. WHAT?!

15 Jan

Was I the only person who was living under a rock and missed this last November?!

That’s kind of a big deal.Right?!  Or is this NBD…..?

There’s no mention of it on the GRC website in their news section..

New Ownership. New CEO. Influx of $$$$ money. Potentially HUGE impacts on the business moving forward. Yet no mention of it, virtually ANYWHERE.

Thanks to Oscar Jackson Jr. (Twitter: @OscarJackonJr) for IM’ing me a link to the OpenPaddock item above.

Global RallyCross is arguably the BIGGEST thing to happen to alternative motorsports since the launch of Formula Drift.

I’m a HUGE fan of the sport, and have been for many years. I’m a huge fan of the Series as well. The Series has a ton of momentum heading into 2013 with their best event EVER taking place at the SEMA Show last year, and the expansion via XGames this year. So for this news to pretty much be swept under the rug and left COMPLETELY off the radar…..  begs some questions. Is this what we should expect from the new ownership/management moving forward? I certainly hope not….

Again, maybe it’s just be having a conniption fit over nothing here.  You’ll have to let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


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