A New Year’s Resolution: More Blogging!

2 Jan

I hope the New Year is off to a great start for all of you! I’d have to say that my New Year is off to a great start so far, and I’m looking forward to a vastly more successful and eventful year compared to 2012. Let’s just say I am VERY glad to have last year behind me! 🙂 It was turbulent, to say the least.

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013 is to commit to updating my blog on a consistent basis. I’m sure I’ve attempted to make this commitment in the past at least once, but never followed through on it. :-/

I will be focusing on motorsports and automotive industry related topics on my blog this year. For those of you interested in my other activities (gardening, soccer, sports, politics, etc.), I guess you’ll simply need to follow me on Twitter.

My plan is to update the blog 2-3 times per week featuring themed “columns”. Ideally I will consistently release new articles on the same days each week, like Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The columns and articles will feature driver interviews, event coverage and analysis, industry insights, opinion pieces, video interviews and perhaps some guest blogs as well. We’ll kinda have to see how it all begins to take shape, and what my blog’s visitors provide feedback on.

The reason I’m trying to do this is because I still do not believe the niche of the “industry” I am a fan of receives the amount of quality, insightful coverage as I expect it should be receiving. Am I the best or the most talented person to be attempting to fill the gaps? Who knows. Maybe not. But so long as nobody else is trying, or at least, nobody else is putting in the proper effort in their attempts, then somebody else has to. And that somebody else is me. 🙂

I hope to make it out to as many events that are local to me this year as possible. Look for event coverage, driver interviews and commentary for series like the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships, Global Time Attack, Global Time Attack – Pro/Am, Just Drift, US Touring Car Championships and others.

As we go along with this, be sure to provide feedback on the articles and columns in the comments section.

Here’s to a great 2013 for all of you!



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