The fastest…..

27 Feb

I am faster than you. And I am going to prove it.

That’s pretty much what it boils down to in racing. Whether it be the fastest in over a single lap (Time Attack), fastest over many laps (sprint racing) or fastest over a period of time (endurance racing).

For a number of reasons, some simple and some complex, racing in North America has been splintered into many different groups, agendas and regions. Most grassroots racers focus on proving they are the fastest in their region. If they are lucky enough to qualify for their respective National Championships (NASA, SCCA, etc.), then they head to that venue and rub fenders with the fastest drivers from other regions around the country.

If you have access to $$$$, then you race professionally, proving you are the fastest among that group.

But anybody who has ever raced, can relate to the statement of not being content with being the fastest kid on their block. Or even the fastest in the City. Perhaps County? Or even State? But the best of the best head to the National Championships and then on to the World Championships. The best of the BEST!

What if there was an opportunity for racers to prove once and for all, who is the fastest? Not only in the comfort and familiarity of their “home” class, but across sanctioning bodies and competition classes. An opportunity where the best of the BEST would be brought together for one final, year-end slug-fest of a race weekend.

I don’t know about you, but as a HUGE fan of motorsports, I’ve always wanted to see a World Challenge Cadillac do battle with a Grand-Am Rolex RX-8 with Porsche GT3’s, Vipers, Corvettes and BMW’s in the mix. Or how about Dai Yoshihara in his MPTCC TU Sentra battling with World Challenge Touring Cars, Grand Am ST Civics and NASA Honda Challenge Acuras.

And when it comes to time attack, how about the fastest from the Japanese tuner realm (Global Time Attack & Super Lap Battle) vs. the best that NASA, BMWCCA, SCCA and other groups have to offer!?

The time for dreaming is over. The time of DOING is upon us.  🙂


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