Pikes Peak!

19 Jan

I will need to add Pikes Peak to my list of Must Attend events! Now that the entire route of the world-famous hill climb is paved, ALL sorts of crazy and wild cars will be able to compete in the event.

Here are two cars you will see attacking the peak!

First up is the NEMO Racing Evo from Australia. The team has advertised they’ll be competing at the World Time Attack Challenge this August, as well a the Tsukuba time attack in December.

Check out the video below as well!

This car is going to be WICKED!

The second car is from LoveFab, Inc… an Acura NSX with 1000hp and crazy aero!

I anticipate seeing many more announcements from teams planning to compete at Pikes Peak, when they never would have considered participating before.

The purists will naturally reminisce of the glory days of old, when the course was completely dirt and gravel. That’s perfectly fine, but those days are gone! Now it’s appropriate to celebrate a new era of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb!






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