Motorsport update..

4 Jan

Figured it was time to post an update regarding motorsports from here on my end.

Plans are still in motion to host the 2012 North American Festival of Speed at Las Vegas Motor Speedway this October. Working out all of the details, finalizing the race groups and events that will be a part of the show. I am VERY excited for this year’s event, as it is going to be bigger and better than the inaugural event in every way! But hey, that’s what you’d expect! 🙂

I still have plans to get my 2003 Ford Focus prepped for competition in the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships (Tuner Under class). First step is to get the car rolling again (oil, battery, tires) and take it out to Streets of Willow for some testing. Depending on the job situation, I probably won’t have the car ready to race until September/October of this year.

Regardless of my participation in the MPTCC, I will be doing all that I can to assist the guys at MotoIQ and the MPTCC. I’ll attend the events that I can, help to promote the series, court drivers and teams to come to the MPTCC, attract media and sponsors/partners, etc. basically anything that I CAN do, I WILL do. I believe the MPTCC has the biggest potential out of all the series that now exists, that cater to circuit-racing in the “tuner” world. Lower barriers for entry, relatively easy to be competitive, top-named drivers involved, the right attitude within the group coupled with a “community ownership” aspect, where EVERYONE helps to make it work.   There is no money in it for me. I simply want to see the series grow and prosper.

I’ve reached out to another race series with an offer to assist them however I can. I thought the first phone call went well yesterday. I’m expecting another call tomorrow or early next week. I have HIGH hopes for this other series as well. They are on the right track, their catching fire at the right time, gaining support from key companies, teams and drivers. it would be a fantastic opportunity to become a member of their team. Even if it were only part time, working the events on the weekends, I’d be happy with that. 10 years of hosting, promoting and organizing motorsport events has given me an invaluable amount of experience that I can apply to just about any other motorsport activity/series. Fingers crossed on this one!

Stay tuned for more updates on the motorsport front! Should be an exciting year!


One Response to “Motorsport update..”

  1. Will cannady January 4, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Super excited for this year, though I’m always doubting myself. I hope to stay in Vegas long enough this year to attend the event. Thanks for always being cool to me and you always have a space on my show.

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