2012 Motorsports Season…..under way?

15 Dec

While most people would assume the following year’s motorsports season doesn’t begin until spring time, or at least until the actual race events begin, I’d have to say they’d be mistaken.  Most of the serious teams begin prepping for the following season long before the current season ends. Early efforts are paid to securing the financial, logistical and equipment support for the following year, before the potential sponsors begin locking in their budgets and calendars (typically between September – December). the last thing you want to do as a team owner/driver is to bust you hump building your car, only to fail to secure the support you need to actually make it to the race events! (this has most definitely plagued teams for as long as racing as existed…)

Just recently, we’ve seen the World Time Attack Challenge announce their 2012 event date (August). With 8 months to go for the event, you had better believe teams are spending time, money and resources prepping for the event. YES, even though it is 8 months away, teams who take the sport of time attack seriously, cannot afford to wait.

Global Time Attack has also announced the majority of their event dates for 2012 as well. With events beginning in April and running through November, GTA is poised to serve the majority of time attack fans and racers across the United States. I’m happy to see they have secured time on the track during the Formula Drift “Drift Atlanta” weekend! That is a HUGE opportunity for the sport of time attack to be witnessed by upwards of 20,000 live spectators. I wonder if through GTA’s relationship with Belle1 (livestream company) the time attack portion of the event will be live-streamed on the Formula Drift livestream? The opportunity would be difficult to pass up.

GTA has also secured track time at the Formula D event at Palm Beach International Raceway and the Xtreme Drift Circuit event in Texas. These are two additional opportunities for time attack to receive a significant amount of exposure. I do have to say that I am a bit bummed (as I’m sure a host of teams are) that there are only 2 events in what I’d like to refer to as the “Western United States”. It would have been great to see more events out West, as that is where the majority of active time attack teams are based in the United States. I would have liked to be catch more TA action relatively close to home. Who knows, I may just have to make the Road Atlanta event….  😉

And I say that, because the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships very well might be hosting a demo event that very same weekend! 🙂 I’ll be assisting the guys over at MotoIQ with promotion for the MPTCC, as well aslogistics, timing/scoring, event steward, tech, etc. Basically, however I can be of assistance, I’ll help the guys out.  The MPTCC has some of the greatest potential of any “new” race series around. There are a bunch of well-known drivers and drifters who will be involved with the series in 2012. As a huge fan of circuit racing, I am excited to see how the 2012 MPTCC unfolds!

As for the North American Festival of Speed, I’m still waiting to finalize the date for the 2012 event. The recent cancellation of the IndyCar event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway has sent ripples through the LVMS event calendar. My fingers are crossed that we can still secure the weekend BEFORE the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Having spoken with teams, drivers, media and sponsors, the weekend before SEMA will be better for just about everyone.

So while racing has yet to begin, the “season” is well under way. Cars are being built and updated, sponsorships secured and schedules are being finalized. I’m already getting excited!


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