2012 World Time Attack Challenge event date announced

13 Dec

I figured I’d make this a relatively simple blog entry for the afternoon (had a separate FaceBook post, but took my comment down).

Just saw a post on Facebook from the guys at World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) that the 2012 dates have been announced.

I’m excited as usual, to see who is going to show up and how close the competition will be.

However, I’m concerned there wont be a team from the United States competing in the event. I just don’t see anyone stepping up to go to Sydney next year (for a number of reasons, valid or not…) And if there wont be a team from the United States, let alone North America.. on top of the perennial absence of a team from Europe.. does that make the WTAC event any less of a “World” event? Is the event then worthy of the “World” name, or is it even remotely appropriate?  OR, is it the fault of the teams who choose NOT to go, and NOT the fault of the event organizer?

Whichever way you lean, it’s an interesting topic to discuss and debate…  Curious to see what all of you have to say!




One Response to “2012 World Time Attack Challenge event date announced”

  1. Ian Baker December 17, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    Well I can sure as hell tell you it is not the fault of the organiser!!! Not once BUT TWICE I have personally put my hard earned cash into paying to ship US cars and BOTH TIMES the teams PULLED OUT leaving me with a big shipping bill that was NON REFUNDABLE!!
    What else would you expect us to do get the United States involved?? I ask you?? EVERY SINGLE JAPANESE TEAM THAT HAS COMMITTED HAS SHOWN UP AND COMPETED!! As for the question as to whether this is a world event or not, well I can tell you that as well as the Japanese we this year have one of the fastest UK time attack cars already confirmed along with strong interest from South East Asia and New Zealand. So in short I REALLY want the US here but am serisously tired of wasting money on teams that promise they are coming and then pull out leaving me with a huge bill!!

    Cheers Ian Baker
    Superlap Australia

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