16 Nov

I noticed a trend in my neighborhood….  Xeriscaping.


And another…


And yet another..


There are several more throughout the neighborhood. I’ll have to take pictures of them the next time we go on a walk.

Xersicaping is a great idea, especially in a geographical region like Southern California. It saves the home-owner money by way of a lower water bill, and it conserves water for the remaining 50+ Million people served by our regional water sources.

We missed on the chance to be reimbursed per square foot by the local water district by tearing our our lawn and replacing it with an approved xeriscape layout. I hope they offer the incentive again. It’s a smart move on their part.

Some of you may remember seeing pictures of our side yard, where we replaced roughly 300sq.ft of grass with lower-water plants and decomposed granite. I’d replace all of my front lawn with a similar layout if I could get reimbursed for it. The water usage in my front yard isn’t quite enough to justify spending about $1000 to tear grass up and replace it the right way.

Some people may think this is a bit extreme, but I honestly think that all SoCal municipalities should ban front lawns on all newly constructed homes, and give a time line for when ALL existing front lawns, no matter the age of the home, should be removed in place of xeriscaping. the amount of water that would be saved would be astronomical. SoCal has an arid climate and is borderline “desert”.  If people want lawns, have them in the backyard. Water rates also need to be jacked WAY up to force people to conserve. Rates are simply MUCH too inexpensive in many water districts especially considering the water shortages SoCal will eventually be dealing with as the population continues to increase.


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