Global Time Attack

12 Nov

Very excited to see what the boys at GST Motorsports and FX Motorsports Development can pull off today at the season finale of Global Time Attack up at Infineon Raceway! Tyler McQuarrie, in the FX Acura NSX, and Jeff Westphal, in the GST Motorsports Impreza L, both call Infineon ‘home’ for their day jobs. So both of them have home track advantage. Although the L does have significantly more track time logged at Infineon…

Will one of the teams break into the 1:32’s at Infineon today? It may be a bit too cold for that to happen. I’d love to see one of these cars run lap times comparable to ALMS GT cars…

The Street Tire Class is interesting as well, with Professional Awesome matching up against Apollo Performance. Dan O’Donnell in the EVO vs. Clint Boisdeau in the STI, respectively.

Limited Class looks stacked as well. I’m pulling for Christian Miller, a guy who’s supported my efforts for quite some time. It’d be good to see him win today!

Be sure to tune in to the livestream today!


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