Inaugural North American Festival of Speed

11 Nov

Wow… What a weekend! 🙂 The first of what I hope will be MANY NAFoS events is in the books. I haven’t had that much fun running an event in quite some time, probably back to at least 2008 or so.

First and foremost, I must thank all of those who helped me at the event. There is NO way I could have pulled the event off. The list is long, you know who you are. THANK YOU!!  🙂   And the people who came out to participate in the event. You’re the other half of the equation that made it all work. You’re just as important. I am doing the event because I love this stuff, but I’m doing it for YOU!

Even though the next NAFoS event is about 350 days away, I’m already getting excited. I know what is in store for next year, and I know that having 12 months to plan, prep, promote and execute will do wonders for the event.

Just about everyone who was at the event, sees the potential for what the event can become. I truly think we are on the brink of something VERY special here. Something our industry needs, something fans of motorsports and all things “automobile” need.

Look for an official announcement soon regarding the 2012 event date, as well as what you can expect to see happening there. The sky is the limit, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of working with those close to me, to make this happen.

Now to just get my own race car ready for next season!  😉


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