New records at Super Lap Battle

10 Nov

I was very happy to see new records set today at the Super Lap Battle event at Buttonwillow.  Tyler McQuarrie now holds the Overall and Unlimited RWD records. Carl Rydquist holds the Street Tire RWD record. and Clint Boisdeau now holds the Street Tire FWD record. All three of these guys have always treated me well, and been very genuine in their support of my efforts. I in turn have supported what they are involved with as well. Whether it be Formula Drift (McQuarrie), 24hours of Nurburgring (Rydquist), or other race events, whether it be in his Ford Focus or not (Boisdeau).

It’s a positive sign for the sport of time attack that teams continue to break records and push the boundaries.

There is one more time attack event left for the season. Fingers crossed the weather holds out for at least one of the scheduled days of competition. We need some additional momentum taking all of us into the 2012 season.

I get to sit on the sidelines for most of next year, enjoying the show. I figure I have something close to 350 days before the next event I’ll be hosting.  🙂


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