Politics in Racing

13 Oct

No, despite what you have been taught, read about or seen on TV… politics is not reserved for your local politician, the State Capital or Washington D.C.

Politics is alive and VERY well in our beloved sport of automotive racing, and GASP, even Drifting! Nobody and no corner of our industry appears to be immune to politics.

I am going to give YOU the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are intelligent enough to put 2 and 2 together.. so while I may not name names, odds are, you’re going to figure out who I am speaking of. And that is perfectly fine. 🙂  Those who are not as deep into the scene as some of us, DESERVE to know what is going on, why it’s going on and then be in a better position to make decisions based on that new-found knowledge.  Yeah, maybe I’m a glutton for HATERS… I just have one thing to say to the HATERS:  Stop Hate’n!  🙂 Go eat some Sawwwsage!

So, those of you who follow drifting… know that a well-respected and highly-talented drifter had his car taken away from him and given to a teammate of his at the Vegas round of FD. Kinda jacked up, right? Well.. team orders be what orders are. This isn’t necessarily a new concept. It’s been happening for years all across the spectrum. So fine, it happened. But why did it happen…? Why SPECIFICALLY did team member “E” have HIS car taken from him…? And not, say, team member B, or A…?  Hell, I don’t know 100% why.. but I can speculate and guesstimate.

Who else would they have taken a car from? Super energy-drink and OEM sponsored team member? Why HELLS no..  That just WILL not happen.  Let’s take the car away from the team member who is currently 6th in points, to give his car to the team member who is 2nd in points…      Point is, if the GOAL for the team, is to put members of the team in the best position to win a Championship for the team, then pure logic and strategy would dictate you supply the team members in the highest points positions with the best cars. Again.. IF THAT IS THE GOAL.  Or, IF THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO TELL THE PUBLIC!!!!  Then that is what you do.  But no,… politics are surely at play.  Because the explanati0n given to the public, as with most politics, just doesn’t make sense.

Lesson be learned here folks… If you’re going to get involved with a multi-car/driver effort with a team, be sure that you know EXACTLY where you sit in the totem pole. Lest you be surprised to have your car taken away from you and given to the more favored driver.

I’m surely not surprised to see the driver who got HOSED in this situation, to be parting ways with the team. I CANNOT blame him.


2nd example…  Of which i was just made aware of today….   Picture a triangle here… Two companies (company A and B) have a business relationship, they form the base of the triangle… They’ve had this relationship for several years. Company A also happens to have a young hot-shoe of a driver who is related to the owner of Company A. He has been driving, QUITE WELL I MIGHT ADD, for company C.  Company C also has a relationship with Company B.  Company A and B have a falling out.. Company B makes the call to Company C: “Get rid of the driver affiliated with Company A, or else….”   Company C, put between a rock and a hard place, makes the decision they are FORCED to make, and gets rid of their driver. Company B plays the politics game as the 800lb gorilla in the room, and gets their way, for no good reason whatsoever. Other than to play politics and continue the age old F4%ked up game that appears to be a favorite of “leaders” in our industry. Yes, even the Sport Compact scene has the Good Ol Boys and OGs that ALWAYS find a way to GET THEIR WAY and ALWAYS find a way to preserve their “preferred” status.

Lesson to be learned: no matter how talented or successful you are, if you are in the cross-hairs, even innocently, of someone with an axe to grind, prepare to become a victim. remember, it’s not about winning or being the best, or operating a business ethically… It’s about getting your way, no matter the cost. Shit, you can always blog your side of the story as a “Business decision” and the ignorant public will be none the wiser.  😉


If you are someone who can shed light on either of these scenarios, and say, Nik, you’re WRONG.. then say it. The dialogue has begun…..



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