Greenville, TX

29 Sep

I’m currently in Greenville, Texas… I’m out here for a job interview tomorrow morning. It’s the second interview I’ve had so far, in my search for a new job. First one went very well, and I’m sure I was in line to be hired, but that company has frozen all new hiring and is in the midst of company-wide “workforce reduction”…

I can step right into the job I’m interviewing for tomorrow… But there are of course TONS of questions.. Namely: compensation. We’ll see what they have to offer.

This part of Texas isnt THAT bad.. well, maybe Greenville.. but the area outside of Dallas, Rockwall and Royse.. where there appears to be some NICE master planned communities, aren’t all that bad. The home prices are redonkulously cheap compared to Cali for what you get..  $200k for a 3400sqft home in a master planned community. As low as $150k if you’re content with “only” 2200sq ft..  LOL

I drove past what I thought was a community college or small University on the way to Greenville… No, that’s Royse City High School… HOLY SHIT do they have a KICK ASS football stadium. Better than any JC I’ve seen in SoCal that is for damn sure! Plus an indoor football field just like a big-time college has.  I guess football IS taken as seriously here in Texas as all the stories I’ve ever read say!

Another funny thing I saw…  a drag strip called “Red Line Raceway”  LOL    Maybe I can get a job there! 🙂


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