A small gripe..

16 Sep

So much for getting back into the routine of blogging more frequently… oh well..


So, today, I saw a post on a forum.. where certain people were complaining about RTE’s policies for Media. Policies which go back to at least 2008 or so.

Basically, the main reason we had to implement an official policy with regard to “Media”, was that these “media” folks were coming to our events (events that cost us tens of thousands of $$$$ to organize), they’d capture photos of cars competing in OUR event, and then SELL these photos to the teams. So lemme get this straight. You want to come to our PRIVATE event, and make money off the content we are creating/providing?  Okay, fine.. we don’t have a problem with helping out the little guy.

So, what we decided to do was create a policy that WE have the right to use and have access to the photos/videos these “media” captured at OUR event (hello, it’s OUR event. The content captured is OUR content. please follow the logic here…)

Some of these “media” absolutely lost their mind when we told them that the content was ours, and that we were being kind enough to allow them to come to our event and capture our content.

Hmm… try to go to an ALMS, NASCAR, GrandAM, AMA, FIA, F1, etc event.. and be granted a Media credential.. Yeah. Good luck with that. #1, credentials are HARD to acquire. #2, they often cost money #3, you almost ALWAYS have to apply for one ahead of time #4, the sanctioning body, per your credential, is providing you the right to capture that content. You don’t have some Constitutional right to capture content of their event. ESPECIALLY if you plan to use that content for commercial purposes (magazines, websites, blogs, selling photos, etc.)

So, why was it a FRACKIN surprise to any of these toolboxes that we wanted to implement a similar policy to darn near EVERY other legitimate automotive racing sanctioning body…?   Can you answer that question for me?


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