At the cabin!

10 Aug

We decided to head up to Jenn’s parent’s cabin yesterday, just to get a change of scenery and for a change of pace. It’s been fun so far! Took Jenn’s Dad’s Yamaha Waverunners out on the lake yesterday for about an hour or so to get ’em warmed up.

We went back to the lake this morning around 10am, and the place is deserted. We had our pick of parking spots, picnic tables, beach location, you name it. It was another fun day for sure!

Now we’re back at the cabin. The older boys are out on a nature walk and lizard hunt with PaPa and I’m cooking dinner! 🙂  Ahh.. Looks like my beer is empty…..time for a new one! And when that’s out, it’s on to the Canadian Whiskey and 7-Up… then maybe some StarCraft later tonight assuming I can continue to mooch off of this WiFi signal I’ve found!  😉

Good times!



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