Improving MPG….?

16 May

I am going to try a few trusted techniques for improving a vehicle’s fuel economy on this tank of gas. If I see good results, then I’ll keep using the techniques.

My car is a 2004 Mazda6 Wagon, with automatic 5-speed transaxle and 3.0L DOHC V6 engine.  I typically have averaged around 21-22mpg combined, between driving to the office and around town. During this time I have employed no methods for improving fuel economy… I would drive at 80-85mph on the freeway, 55-65 on surface streets, accelerate moderately, etc.

So for this tank I will go no faster than 65mph, even on the freeway. On surface streets, I will go no faster than 55mph. I will accelerate quite slowly, etc.

I’m curious to see if my MPG will increase by a substantial enough margin to justify driving around like a tree-hugging tool-box. 😉

If I see a 10% improvement… meh….

15% improvement, not bad…

20% improvement, then I might just drive this way all of the time. (that would get me an extra 60-70 miles per tank, about $10-$12 total at these gasoline prices. Hey, that’s another 12-pack of beer!)

Let’s see what happens!


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