Haven’t blogged in a while… :-(

6 May

Geez… It’s been over a month since I last blogged…  I’ve been damn busy, so I guess that is as good an excuse as any! 🙂

I’ll make a better attempt at updating the blog in a more consistent manner!

Racing Update:

We’re 3 weeks away from Round #3: Auto Club Speedway!  These events at Auto Club are ALWAYS a ton of fun and are also our biggest events of the year. It looks like we’ll have a record turnout of cars in the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships, a strong field of cars for Redline Pro Time Attack and some damn interesting competition in Circuit Battles! Our events sure have become a TON more interesting this year compared to years past. But that was the plan, right?! 😉 For the price of seeing a movie (with popcorn and a drink) you now have hours of motorsport entertainment!

Garden Update:

All of the determinate tomatoes I had planted earlier this year have stopped producing and are beginning to die. That’s sorta the plan.. but I messed up in not getting my spring planting of tomatoes larger, before planting them in the ground. Now we’re going to be without fresh tomatoes for a couple of months.  😦     Lesson learned..   One of the problems was that I planted too many tomatoes (18), and ran out of room in the green house. Next winter, I’ll plant no more than 10 of them, leaving me enough room to move seedlings into 2 gallon containers, so they can get large enough before transplanting into the raised bed.

It looks like most of the squash seeds I planted 2 weekends ago are sprouting in the bed. Cantaloupe has also begun to sprout. Still waiting for watermelon and cucumber.

Our 2 year old artichoke has 13 “chokes” on it. The 7 other artichoke plants are doing well in the ground, but are still about a year away from producing their first chokes. By this time next year we’ll have chokes coming out of our ears! But hell, at $2/each at the store,  we’ll save a TON of $$$$$.

I transplanted more bell pepper and chile pepper plants into medium containers. I’m going to attempt keeping them alive all year long. This way the “fruit” they produce will get bigger and bigger as the plant itself gets bigger. We’ll see how this works out.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be in full vegetable production mode by the middle of June. This will be when I want to host our first summer harvest BBQ and Booze Fest at the house!  🙂


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