The Lifestyle of Motorsports

29 Mar

We’ve all heard alot of talk about the “lifestyle” element of motorsports….  I’ve heard recently that for motorsport events to have any chance of being successful with fans, sponsors, media, etc.. that the events needs to include, welcome and showcase the “lifestyle” of that particular event. Be it drifting, Moto X, Etc.

So I ask you, what do YOU think the “lifestyle” is of Drifting?

What is the lifestyle of Moto X?

What of Rally?

And finally, what is the lifestyle of Sports Car/Circuit Racing?  I have my beliefs as to what the lifestyle is of circuit racing (including time attack), but that isn’t important. I’d like to see what everyone elses answers are to the above questions. I’m mostly curious to see if my own opinions are off-base, or spot on.. or maybe somewhere in between.

Feel free to post your replies here or on Facebook!


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