Circuit Battles TV is THISSSSS Close!

12 Mar

Round #1 of the 2011 Redline Track Events season is in the books! And WHAT an event!!  The feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive.. beyond my expectations. This is the type of start we needed this year! 2011 is going to be absolutely EPIC for us and for anyone working with us!  🙂

Since the event has been over, I’ve been in Burbank, CA the last two days prepping for, and shooting the studio segment of the Circuit Battles show airing on VERSUS. We wrapped the studio portion earlier this evening. Thanks to Todd, Nathan, Brian, Jackson and the rest of the crew for making today go so well! As if I wasn’t already excited to see the first episode!  We’ll be back down in Burbank for editing on Tuesday. Hopefully I get to see more of the kick ass footage from last weekend’s event!  🙂

You’ll prolly see an announcement on Facebook or through email, but we’re planning an official viewing party for the first episode. March 26th, 11am Pacific. I’ll get to see the episode when we have the final cut delivered on the 18th. Everyone else is gonna have to wait until the 26th. I’ll be sure to give you guys some teasers!

Tomorrow has a T Ball game for Alek, yard work and garden work for me, an afternoon jog then chill time… Sunday, who knows! We’ll just play it by ear!


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