No Disrespect…

1 Mar

I’ve learned a very hard lesson today. A lesson that I truly didn’t want to learn, and certainly never thought I’d have to learn.

I meant absolutely no disrespect to someone who I have the utmost respect for. Someone who I have thought very well of for as long as I have known him. I have never in the past, nor do I currently, nor will I ever think or speak poorly of him. He knows who he is. I’ve made the phone call, I’ve explained and apologized and said what I could. Whether or not he believes me… we shall see. Maybe he never will. My actions will certainly speak more loudly than whatever I could say.

What nailed me was speaking my mind on my blog and/or Twitter. It is simply too easy for posts to be misconstrued out of context. I figured these social tools were opportunities to either vent, share my thoughts, provide insight, discuss positions, and just be me. That I might be able to speak freely without anyone paying any attention, or frankly, giving a damn. Apparently people do read what I say. Maybe that’s good. Maybe that’s bad. I don’t know…

Once again, publicly, I AM sorry. I truly am.

In light of all this, from this moment forward I will never post my opinions related to the business I am in ever again, on my blog, Twitter or anywhere else. If someone wants to speak with me, they know where to find me. If someone wishes to hear my opinion, they can ask me directly or they can speak to me at one of my events. My phone number is on our website, my cell phone number can easily be found. I accept Friend requests on Facebook.  I will let Redline’s accomplishments speak for themselves. I will allow my successes to be representations of my beliefs and my positions with regard to motor sports/time attack and the business I am in.

If you like to read about my family, Eco topics, political statements, random thoughts or my gardening hobby, then by all means, I welcome you to my blog/Twitter feed. Maybe you will be able to learn about growing chile plants, composting and raising chickens through my trials and experiments.



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