Garden update

27 Feb

Here are some pictures from the garden/greenhouse today. It’s beautiful outside, considering it was snowing yesterday! Not a cloud in the sky, bright sun, temps in the 50’s, light breeze! Why spend time inside the house when you can be outside working on the garden! 🙂

Here is some of the spinach! I can’t wait to harvest this for some homemade spanikopita! Should only be another week or so before I have enough to make a full batch!

Here is one of the onions I transplanted from one bed to my new raised bed back in October. Still no bulb, but the “leaves” are growing like mad! I’m going to leave these in place, along with the garlic around it, and just shift my tomato planting next to it. No point in digging up perfectly good onions that will set bulbs eventually!

here is some of the “mesclun” mix lettuce I planted. The stuff is just taking off! We can’t eat it fast enough! i’ve resorted to pulling the entire plant, as I need this space for spring plantings of Onions and carrots.

Here is some baby romaine. This stuff is SUPER tasty when added into the salad with the mesclun mix and some spinach! Mmm Mmm mmmmmmm!

This is a jalapeno I had started last spring, then transplanted into this new container by itself a few months ago. It is growing very well! It already had one round of buds, and is starting to send another set. However, the first set of fruit stopped growing.. I’ll just leave them on there to see if they get any bigger. I’ll pull them if they start turning red (over ripe for me..)…

This is one of the cherry tomatoes. I can count about 40 fruit on this one plant. All of varying sizes of course.  Some of the fruit as you can see are HUGE! I can’t wait for these to start ripening so i can pop a few in my mouth! I hope they’re tasty!  🙂

I skipped fertilizing the tomatoes today and will just do that towards the end of this coming week. I’m not sure how tall determinite cherry, voyager and celebrity plants get,but they have all grown to about 36″+ out of the buckets. If they get much taller I’m going to have to replace the stakes in there now with taller ones. This is a good learning experiment for me as I plan to have more of these determinite varieties on the ground beside my raised bed. I don’t want these plants blocking the eggplants and other tomato plants behind them. I figure I’ll be okay, but only time will tell.

I had forgotten to start any Roma tomatoes with all of my other seeds so I planted 7 of them today. I want to be able to make our own pasta sauce and Romas are one of the best to use for that.

I’m having trouble getting my Anaheim hot pepper seeds to germinate. They’ve been in my hot box now for over a week, with the heater pad underneath, and nothing. In that time I’ve had all sorts of tomatoes germinate and some Jalapenos too. I guess I’ll just keep them in there and see what happens.


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