Season Opening Event Only 7 days Away!

26 Feb

Wow! It’s hard to believe the first event of the 2011 season is only 7 days away! It was only just yesterday that the 2010 season came to a close at Auto Club Speedway!

With each passing day I’m getting more and more pumped for what we have in store this year. the action is going to be INTENSE! So much more intense than we’ve ever had at Redline events in the past. Sunday’s will finally be worthy entertainment for our spectators!

Instead of only 1 competition, we’ll have 4!

We have a TON of new teams and drivers coming into our events as well, which is fantastic. this is of course part of our plan! We need to get the RIGHT group of people together who share our vision and are excited to work with us and are WILLING to do what is necessary to help grow our sport. Working together as a cohesive group is something that has been missing at our events.

As we continue to establish Redline as a truly professional sanctioning body, we’ll continue to see “professional” teams and drivers come into the mix.

And I don’t mean professional as in a PRO team, with big bucks. More so than anything else, I mean professional in the way the team/driver behaves, their actions and their attitudes. How they carry themselves. How they represent themselves and their sponsors. You can be a super low buck team and still carry yourself very professionally with a great deal of respect for yourself, your fellow racers, sponsors, fans and the sanctioning body.

I’ve always felt there was a “bad boy” element to the time attack crowd. they chose to be hard asses for no other reason to feel like a hard ass. A tough guy. Mr Macho. let’s get drunk and show up to an event and start shit with other teams. Let’s be the goofball in need of extreme attention and make it a show all about ME. As far as I’m concerned, if those elements leave our events, I’d be stoked! I’d be happy to have fewer teams and lower participation, if it meant we lost the elements that detract from our sport. that allows us to focus on the teams/drivers that understand why they need to be involved, who understand what it takes to be successful, why it’s beneficial to work with the sanctioning body/promoter, etc. then we could put on a better show, more entertainment and begin to earn the respect of the motorsport industry.

but of course there are those who are perfectly comfortable being an outcast. Perpetuating the stereotypes of the import tuner market. Who are perfectly comfortable being the king of their tiny little sandbox.

I’m one for expanding horizons. Raising the bar. Earning respect. There are many of us who work DAMN HARD at what we do. And to have those who knowingly or unknowingly, drag the reputation of the group down….. SUCKS!

There are of course those out there who are skeptical of what we are doing. Our doubters. Pitty potties. Doubting Thomas’s. Pessimists. …  If you’re out there, and reading this, come out to the first event, even if only to watch and poke around. You can find a free Sunday ticket on our website. See how the event is ran. See the teams who are there. Look at the fans. Watch how our staff works. See that the TV cameras are indeed there. Witness how the event overall is much more entertaining than they have been in the past. Watch the Circuit Battles episode on TV. Then watch as more and more fans come to the events to watch Circuit Battles live. Providing the very thing we’ve all been asking for, for 5 years! Spectators in numbers that sponsors require! The fans may be drawn to the event for Circuit Battles, but they will quickly become fans of Time Attack and MPTCC as well!!

7 days to go! Hopefully I’ll see you there!



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