It DOES matter who wins and who loses….

22 Feb

It’s been said before, and it’ll be said again… I was just reminded of the phrase/statement today though…

“The most significant thing in sports promotion is making people believe that it matters who wins and loses the contests.”

Whether or not it is THE most significant thing, is debatable. Certainly, it is a very significant thing, probably in the top 3 at least.

But yet it is surprising to run into so many people in our niche of the industry that don’t get it. They simply DO NOT understand how significant it is, of who wins and who loses.

And not only is it just about who wins and who loses, but WHAT it is they won or lost. There absolutely MUST be relevance and significance to the contest being wagered. If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? That sort of thing…

Our goal at Redline is to make it so that time attack IS heard. That the results ARE meaningful. That people DO care about who wins and who loses.

There are too many people involved in the sport and our industry, and unfortunately too many of THOSE people are in positions of influence, that do not understand what it takes or REFUSE to do what it takes, to elevate the sport of time attack into the realm of media worthy, fan worthy and sponsor worthy motor sports.

Until we assemble a group of racers/teams/companies that DOES get it, the sport will stagnate and not progress. Until we reach that “critical mass” of racers/teams who get it, we’ll be stuck treading water, or worse, find ourselves with no reputable time attack series at all.

We’ve proven that Redline is committed to doing what is necessary on our end, and there is a group of racers/teams that DO understand and are willing to do what is needed. However, until we get rid of the posers, frauds and jack-ups ruining it for everyone else by replacing them with more people who GET IT, time attack will never realize its full potential.


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