Rain Rain, Go Away…

19 Feb

The wet weather this weekend is wrecking my plans to accomplish work in the yard… 😦 Rain is good, don’t get me wrong. We need as much rain as we can get here in SoCal.

I had planned to rotor-till the side yard in preparation for building the strawberry raised bed and prepping the location for the chicken coop. Looks like I’ll have to delay that work until next weekend.

To kill gardening time tomorrow, I’ll prolly start another 12-24 tomatoes and peppers. If I don’t use them, I can at least give them away or sell them for $1/each to neighbors, family or friends. I have extra room in my temporary hot box, and plenty of room in the greenhouse. what the heck, I have extra peat pots, seed starting mix and TONS of seeds.

I’ll snap some pics of the tomato plants again, along with the peppers, squash and whatever else I have growing in the GH, and post those pics to the blog tomorrow.

Not gardening…. We’re now exactly 14 days away from the start of our 2011 racing season! It is going to come upon us QUICKLY! We are getting excited to say the least! Everything is coming together: the TV show Circuit Battles (to air on Versus!), prep for the first event, teams signing up, sponsors coming on board, travel arrangements, last minute promotion push and tons more!

We’ll have plenty of announcements (started today actually….) over the next 2 weeks. New teams, new sponsors, TV program details, etc. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog and especially our website:

Redline Track Events

Time to hit the sack…. I’ll be back tomorrow! 🙂


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