19 Feb

Here are some updated images from the greenhouse.. This first image is of one of the Voyager plants…

This next one is of a Cherry….  These guys are setting fruit like crazy!

Then you have some of my seedlings. You can see the tags for Rutgers and for Voyager. ( i make my tags by cutting up used 1-gallon milk cartons. Why buy them at the store when you can create them from something you already have?!

This next tray is of Grape and Cherry tomato seedlings..

I also started another 18 seeds this afternoon. I figured “why not?”

– Grape

– Cherry

– Beefsteak

– Anaheim chiles

– Italian Pepperoncini (x 6)

I’ve placed all of these new seed pots in my makeshift hot box. Hopefully they start sprouting by next weekend! I want to have 6 fully grown Pepperoncini plants so that I can pickle them just the way I like them at restaurants or at the super market. I’ll need a TON of peppers in order to fill jars!!  🙂

All of the seedlings I don’t use, I’ll either sell them to other people or give them away. If I give them away, it’s a perfect way to say Thank You in advance for them helping me out when I need help!  In the end though, I’m certainly the giving type of gardener! There’s no way I’ll ever be able to use all of the fruit/veggies we grow. If I can save someone some $$$ or simply make their day by providing “fresh off the vine” produce, then that makes me happy!

One of the Jalapeno plants, that was doing well in a relatively small pot, is doing FANTASTIC in a larger 4 gallon bucket. Two other Jalapeno plants that my sister-in-law gave to me to overwinter are sprouting a TON of new leaves and even a first set of flowers! These plants are already 24″+ tall from last season. Once they reach peak size this year they are going to be HUGE!!!  🙂 I wonder if she’ll want to take them back…  😦  LOL  Maybe if I just give her bags of peppers she won’t mind if Farmer Malechikos does all of the work!  😎

With rain moving in tonight I don’t expect to get much done tomorrow. We may even get a light dusting of snow tonight, with the low dropping down to 26 degrees! For being only 60 miles due North of Los Angeles International Airport, it sure can get cold here! but my nice little 6ft x 8ft greenhouse with small electric heater will do a FINE job of keeping my 60+ plants nice and toasty!




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