BBQ Time!

12 Feb

Tomorrow we’re hosting a Redline Track Events Staff BBQ here at our offices! It will be great to see everyone tomorrow! Hopefully the weather will be as nice tomorrow as it was today! 😎

Some of the luckier, er, better prepared folks, will be taking part in the Speed Ventures HPDE at Streets of Willow. If only I had some tires for my Focus! 😦 *hint hint, for any tire companies out there… KW Suspensions hooked me up with a fresh service on my V3’s a few weeks back. I seriously need to get out on the track again soon!

After the BBQ at the shop tomorrow, most of us are heading to an early dinner at Bex Grill in Lancaster:

Bex Grill

Good times indeed!

I’m thinking of hosting a little shindig at Bex on Saturday March 5th… They have a nice outdoor lounge (heated), bowling alley, pool tables, great bar, live music, etc.. I wonder if any of the Redline crowd would care to join us.. 😉

Time for me to head home!


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