Interesting find…

14 Jan

Whatever happened to Global Time Attack? Or, was it always vaporware to begin with…?

Stumbled across a “proposed schedule” today:

Road Atlanta
Palm Beach
New Jersey

Hmmm…. Mostly Eastern USA… only two Cali events.. Doing some research, nearly all, if not all, of these events are NASA weekends. So is Global Time Attack just taking the place of Super Lap Battle? Holding events within NASA weekends? we know how successful that was for Super Lap Battle…

If that Infineon event IS a NASA weekend, that’s set for February 12th-13th.. a month away from today. No website. no rules. no registration. No information.

Nashville… my guess is it would be Import Alliance. The Import Alliance attendees were pretty pissed that the IA organizers got rid of Redline Time Attack and brought in drifting. Next best thing, fill in the vacancy with Global Time Attack?

If this series kicks off this year, I wish them the best of luck. Maybe by offering events in the Eastern US this season, GTA will do a good job of keeping interest up with enthusiasts/shops out there.

However, hosting time attack events for over 5 years, I’ve learned alot along the way. The amount of work needed to even have a remote chance of success is immense. This isn’t as easy as you think. Ought to be careful what you wish for. 😉


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