2011 World Time Attack in Australia….

8 Dec

Curious about this one….

Why would the organizers continue to host their “World” event during a time of year when most of the world of motorsport is knee deep in their race season? Think about it, the teams World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) wants to entice to show up to the event, primarily are located in the Northern Hemisphere.. Japan, United States, Europe.. August is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the racing season for those countries/continents.

Based on how long it takes to get a car From SoCal to Australia and back (7-8 weeks), that eats up at least 2 events, but more than likely 4 events, from a team’s local race season.

If top teams are expected to attend, how can they as an organizer expect the teams to grenade any chance they’d have at winning a championship in their home SERIES? Well.. that is the answer, really. WTAC places significant importance on a singular event. Whereas as we at Redline and the UK guys, as well as other series, place the importance on winning a championship over the course of a season (multiple events). This significant difference of opinion is absolutely one reason why WTAC insists on driving the wedge deeper.

So a team is expected to drop all they are doing, give up any chance of winning a Series Championship, exposure for their local/regional sponsors.. to go run one event, at the cost of $20-$30,000 (travel, shipping, staff, etc.)… for what? To prove that you were the fastest on ONE track, and for media exposure that is VERY hard to come by and again, limited to ONE track?

Besides the entire conflict of interests…. What of the weather? Isn’t August in Sydney roughly equal to February in SoCal? February is our wettest month of the year! Why not hold the event in January/February, which is summer in Sydney? Great, warm, dry weather…

And it would just so happen to be when nearly every other team WTAC wants to attend the event, is done with their primary racing season.

I think teams who are contemplating heading to WTAC from the U.S., are going to take a long hard look at this. Especially if sponsors are expected to foot the bill. For the cost of one event (WTAC), nearly the entire cost of the 10 event Redline season can be covered. Exposure at 10 events Vs. exposure at 1 event. And yes, I do have to say that the exposure WTAC offers for their one event is damn good! Better than any single event RTA has hosted so far.. But the WTAC cannot match the overall exposure (media, magazines, websites, videos, spectators, etc.) that the entire 10 event RTA season offers. Sponsors know this…. And if the sponsors are expected to cover costs for a team, they are going to want MAXIMUM Return on Investment… And I just don’t see WTAC offering the best ROI for a team.. Maybe I’m wrong.. If you think I am, then post a Response below.. I’m not shy about stating my position, and backing it up! 🙂


One Response to “2011 World Time Attack in Australia….”

  1. Brandon Scarpelli December 8, 2010 at 8:43 pm #

    I think you are dead on! Preach on brotha!

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