Compost Bin is done!

6 Dec

Today I finished up the compost bin and emptied two large bags of leaves, as well as saved up egg shells, banana peals, avocado skins and all sorts of other stuff, into the pile. Looks like I need another 20-30 cubic feet of material to completely fill the bin. Hopefully the pile will generate enough heat to really get to work! I’ll have to mix it up and wet it down quite frequently (5-7 days) in order for it to work during the winter.

I also decided to plant some zucchini seeds in 5-gallon buckets in the greenhouse. I figured, what the heck. If they don’t germinate or don’t produce, oh well. It cost me all of $1.50 at Lowes today. If they do produce, then KICK ASS! Zukes during the winter, and NOT bought at the store?! You can’t beat that.

All 7 of the artichoke seedlings I transplanted into 5-gallon pots are producing new leaf growth. It will be great come April when I transplant all 7 of them into the garden! Then we’ll have 8 artichoke plants, all producing fruit in about a year. Mmmmm They taste so good grown here at home! 🙂

My raised bed: It looks like the spinach is under attack by either birds or bugs.. as the leaves are nibbled off on nearly every sprout. This happened last year as well, and I think it was crickets. Not exactly sure what to do… Last year, the growth of the plant simply outpaced being nibbled on. The lettuce is growing well. We just need some good days of sunlight for the growth to pick up a bit. It’s cloudy and rainy outside today…. 😦

I still haven’t transplanted the tomato seedlings into larger pots, but I think I just need to bite the bullet and do it. All of them are generating new growth, probably a result of the fertilizer I gave them 2 weeks ago.


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