Thanksgiving Day

25 Nov

So far Thanksgiving has been a mixed bag… We’re unable to celebrate with family because Alekzander and Izaak are both sick. We can’t risk getting GG sick as well. So no fabulous turkey dinner for us tonight. 😦 My Detroit Lions started off the game playing well, and then eventually fell apart against the Pats… 😦

With the baby down for a nap, I spent some time outside in the garden and the greenhouse. I moved one of the shelving units out of my garden storage shed and into the greenhouse. This gives me back a ton of floor space. Once the temps come back up in the next few days, I’m considering moving my hot pepper seedlings into the greenhouse. They just don’t seem to be growing all that much, even though they’re getting about 12 hours of sunlight a day. The cool temps in the garage must be stunting their growth.

The tomato seedlings are about as big as I think they can get in the small “peat pots” they’re in now. It’s going to have to be time to move them into the larger 5 gallon buckets. Maybe on Sunday…. Looks like the 10 day forecast has no more sub-freezing lows after tomorrow night.

Nom Nom Nom…. MMMMMM I love this Costco Greek Pasta Salad! Prolly the best pasta salad I’ve ever found at a “store”. The right flavor of dressing, very ripe tomatoes, olives, chicken! Mmmm If you have a Costco membership, you need to try this stuff out. Washing it all down with a Miller Light in a frosty mug!

Now it’s time to go play some Halo:Reach while baby is still napping! 🙂


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